We aim to provide an eclectic mix of 'arts' across a wide range of mediums.  We aim to incorporate hand crafted art, products & gifts as part of our larger events.  Past exhibitors have included jewellers, textile designers, ironmongers, willow weavers, ceramicists, portrait painters, hobby artists, gift card designers & furniture upcylers.  

Route 1:  Artists & Makers can pay to have space in a marquee.  Exhibitors will need to organise their own spaces.  Tables can be hired at an additional cost.   Rough guide of costs £60 - £200 depending on size of space & venue.

Route 2:    Artists & Makers can pay for a space with the addition of high quality art walling.  Each wall panel is 2.4metres high and 1m wide.  Price for the addition of wall panels is £40 per 1m width.  These can be added to space or taken by themselves if no floor space is required.  Spot lighting can be added to these panels at a cost of £10 per panel.

Route 3:   Artists & Makers can pay to have an outdoor space to erect their own gazebo. Limited spaces available.  Rough price guide £40 for a 3m x 3m space.

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