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We pride ourselves on maintaining a very high standard and quality of artwork across our events.  This has not been difficult as the talent around us is incredible.  We then take this incredible art and showcase it in settings and venues which ensure we can do justice to the artists. 

Route 1:  Artists can put submissions in to be selected for our next curated show.  This involves a fee  of between £20 - £100  (if selected and depending on venue) and a 20% commission is taken. Please fill in the contact section below and we will send you an application form.

Route 2:   Artists can take art exhibition panels in a semi curated space at our larger art fair.  The aim in this space is to ensure continuity and flow between artists and artwork.  For this reason this space has a selection process and there are some guidelines such as no tables, chairs or browsers allowed here.  Artists will be responsible for putting up their own work but will be expected to work with those around them & stick to the basic agreements to ensure a good overall flow to the event.  Cost to be part of this 'Gallery' part of the event is roughly £40 to be involved plus £40 per 1m of walling (2.4metres high)

Route 2:    Artists can pay to have a space with smart, high quality exhibition walling within an Artist's and Maker's gallery.  Artists can pay for as much or as little space as they like and curate their own work within this space.  Available space and costings will depend on the venue .  A rough guide of space cost is between £100 - £250.  No commission is taken.  Art walling can be added to these spaces.

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